The 13 best independent publishers (2023)

The 13 best independent publishers (1)

Self-publishing your work can be fun, but it can also be confusing. While desktop publishing gives you more control over the publishing process, there are so many options when it comes to the best desktop publishing companies that it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which one to choose.

In this article, we look at 13 of the top self-publishing companies to help you figure out which company best suits your publishing needs.

But first, let's see how desktop publishing works!

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Was ist Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is when you publish any type of media such as books, novels, picture books or non-fiction without using a traditional publisher or company.

With this approach, you retain the rights to your work and get a bigger share of the sales profits after factoring in the cost of publishing, printing, and marketing your work with a desktop publishing platform.

Another important difference from desktop publishing is that the work is created by the author or artist themselves.including editing, design and format. (We'll go into more detail on all of this below),

A traditional publisher, on the other hand, gives you a contract that gives you the right to print, publish, and sell your work. then you can bepaid in the form of royalties on book sales, for example.

While most think of publishing books, you can also publish other types of work such as music and visual arts.

What are the advantages of self-publishing?

There are many reasons why an author chooses one of the bestSelf-publishing company instead of a traditional publisher🇧🇷 Especially when it comes to having more control and keeping more of your earnings.

With this in mind, key benefits include:

Self-publishing takes less time

When it comes topublish your own book, fewer decision-makers are involved and it's a much shorter process than working with a traditional editor.

And that's simply because there are fewer people involved in the process and you are the main decision maker, as opposed to multiple people in a traditional publishing house.

No agent required

Many aspiring authors hire agents to improve their chances of getting picked up by a traditional publisher.

However, this can come at a high cost as you have to pay the agent. Either as a percentage of your royalties or as an upfront payment.

Remain in creative control

Self-publishing gives you complete control over the process. This includes the types of photos and subjects used, the editing process and the end result.

You don't have to compromise your vision for the project or try to convince a publisher to keep a section or chapter of your book. You have the last word on everything.

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Higher license fees

Self-publishing also means you can earn higher royalties.

Traditional publishers generally don't give authors very good prices, especially for beginners. But with some of the best desktop publishing companies, you canearn up to 60% in royalties.

13 of the best indie labels

impostor300 million self-published books soldNo wonder writers want to move away from traditional publishers every year.

But where do you start? Here are some of the best desktop publishing companies to work with to publish your project.

1.Kindle Direct Publishing(PDK)

One of the most famous and best self-publishing platforms isKindle Direct Publishing, the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

As a mass retailer, Amazon is often one of the first companies authors turn to when publishing their titles. Anyone can self-publish with KDP from Amazon.

You can publish printed books or eBooks. Desktop publishing software is easy to use and upload your book or design. You can also get decent royalties ranging from 35% to 70% depending on how much your book sells.

2. Baby book

baby bookoffers a lot of help with self-publishing, e.geditorial services, cover design, printing and more.

They work with many big companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It also keeps 85% of sales made in its bookstore.

3.Barnes & Noble Press

TempoBarnes & NobleIt may be better known as a physical store, but it also has a great e-book platform. Your book may not appear on your store shelves, but your platform can help get your book in front of new readers.

Royalty rates range from 40% to 65%, and it's free to submit your book and cheaper to print directly to Barnes & Noble rather than through a third-party site.


One of the best desktop publishing companies forPrint-on-Demand-Publishing ist Blurb.

Due to the high print quality and the magazine formats, it is particularly recommended for printing visual works such as magazines and photo books.

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You keep all royalties from the book if you sell it through the Blurb Bookstore.


Another of the best self-publishing platforms isKobo writes life🇧🇷 The unique thing about Kobo is that they serve the Canadian market and have a presence in 16 countries in addition to the US.

If you're a Canadian writer or looking to expand your reach outside of the US, Kobo might be a good choice.

Because it's an open platform, it's compatible with many of the popular free self-publishing formats like EPUB, PDF, and EPUB3. It has a 45% to 70% royalty depending on the price of the book. books

If you are looking for one of the best desktop publishing companies, take a lookapple books🇧🇷 If you own a Macbook or Apple products, you might already be familiar with the tech giant's publishing arm.

Self-publishing is easy and free to download. Also, royalty rates are fixed at 70% no matter what price you charge for your book. Apple Books also has a wide reach and is aimed squarely at Mac users.


Although it is not a self-publishing service,Reedsy provides authorswith resources to get their work out there and connect them with editors, proofreaders, designers, marketers, and ghostwriters.

Self-publishing can be a lot of work, and sometimes writers need a little extra help to get there.


The book boyself-published authors canpromote your booksand discount campaigns. The platform offers special offers and self-service ads to help writers access fans of virtually any genre.


Lulu is one of the oldest publishing platforms.and has been around since 2009. Working with Lulu is very easy.

You upload your book and then you can buy it through the platform. Then get an ISBN so you can distribute your books through online retail outlets like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Apple.

You can also sell directly on the website and receive 80% royalties after printing costs.


Another important independent publisher isPublishDrive🇧🇷 The company offers authors a subscription fee that allows them to keep 100% of all sales.

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If you don't want to pay a monthly fee, the platform maintains a flat 10% fee on all sales.

PublishDrive connects to over 400 stores worldwide, including major publishers like Apple, Kobo, Amazon and Google Books.


If you want to use one of the best desktop publishing companies, take a look aroundDraft2Digital-Aggregator.

The company makes it easy to upload your design and promises to have it on the site within 24 hours. There are no service fees, but you keep 10% of all sales.

You can set the price as you like on the website. It also sells to Amazon.

12devastating words

keywords, you can definitely earn up to 80% in royalties by having your book featured on your site.

It is one of the largest e-book distributors and can publish books on Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. It is not distributed to Amazon and you must format your book yourself.


Another of the best self releases.platforms is streetlib🇧🇷 This platform is ideal for writers who want to reach an international audience.

Popular in Latin America and Europe, it can be configured for English, Italian, Spanish, and many other languages.

It also sells to major retailers in the United States and Canada. And only 10% of the retail price is charged per copy sold.

Find the best desktop publishing companies for you!

Whether you're publishing your first novel or have been in the business for a while, learning about the best self-publishing companies is important for every writer.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you research your offerings carefully to ensure they're a good match for what you're looking for.

To your editorial success!

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