Hostplus Cup Round 10 Preview (2023)

Round 10 of the Hostplus Cup is set to deliver some blockbuster matches as teams look ahead as the mid-season approaches.

The Ipswich Jets and Mackay Cutters are still chasing their first wins of the season - facing the Tweed Seagulls and Redcliffe Dolphins respectively - while the Central Queensland Capras will look to get back into the winner's circle this week in what should be a thrilling affair. clash with the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

This is the round 10 'stats pack' with all the numbers you need to know for this weekend's games, courtesy of Brad Tallon, plus your manager's thoughts on the upcoming games.

Ipswich Jets x Tweed Seagulls

Head to head:Tweed 25, Ipswich 14

Last meeting:Tweed 38 defeated Ipswich 26 in Round 16, 2022


  • Ipswich have lost their last 10 games and their last four at home
  • The Tweed have the upper hand in this clash having won the last five - and six of the last seven - games between these two teams

A few words from the coaches

Ben Cross, Ipswich Jets manager:We practice this week with an emphasis on playing to win. There is a fine line between risk and reward. We still need to clean up our mistakes – we reveal a lot – but we also need to shake off the shackles a bit and find a way to win without fear of losing. We have lost eight games, from now on what do we have to lose? We can't go down the stairs anymore. We hit rock bottom. There is nothing below us, but there is sky and air above us. We can throw away the handcuffs. Not saying the season is lost, but we can't get much worse. As bad as we were, we still show glimpses of a good football team and can test teams above us. This week we have Tweed who is a very fit winger. They have some quality players - Treymain Spry, Lindon McGrady... I can see them being a well-coached team like last year. There is a slight change in their defensive structure, but at the end of the day they have the same identity as last year, which is a well-coached team that follows their processes.

Tweed Seagulls coach Dave Penna:We put ourselves in front against Souths Logan on three or four occasions but kept giving them the ball when we shouldn't have. You cannot win these quality football games by giving your opponent as much football as you. Especially a quality opponent like theirs, so let's go back to the drawer. We're a little bruised and battered - mostly pride. For us it's our game and what we have to do to play well after we didn't play that well last week. We just have to make sure the defense is right and finish our sets. That's the focus of this week. Jayden Corrigan (for the Jets) is a good player - fast. He is very involved and is sure to be an asset for them. (Now Sam McIntyre has left and joined the North Queensland Cowboys) This gives another opportunity for some other players. There are some boys sitting around waiting for an opportunity and now it opens the door for some players to play well. This is the best part. We just have to keep going and find someone who does the hard work that Sammy did. Jaron Purcell is certainly covering that spot right now.

Game: Jets x Seagulls

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20 May Full Time Home Jets 14th on 14 points from Team Seagulls 6th on 54 points Match Center

Local:North Ipswich Shelter, Ipswich

team statistics game by game

Wynnum Manly Seagulls x Hunters PNG

Head to head:PNG 8, Wynnum Manly 5

Last meeting:PNG 36 defeated Wynnum 22 in Round 14 2022

(Video) HostPlus Cup Round 10, 2022 - Tweed Seagulls v Hunters


  • Wynnum Manly have lost their last two matches
  • PNG have won three of the last four meetings between these two teams at the BMD Kougari Oval. However, they currently have three defeats and a draw in their last four away games.

A few words from the coaches

Treinador do Wynnum Manly Seagulls, Mat Head:Saying goodbye was very good for us. Farewells can come at good or bad times, but it was a good time for us. We need to work on the basics in the last six practices... we got back to the basics and focused on what we're doing, so it's been a good week leading up to this weekend. The chasers are coming from a result they wouldn't go for, and we're fully aware of that. We expect them to come out armed, so we have to be prepared for that. Their defender Moreas Moreas is dangerous and we know it. We must be prepared for this. They come to our house and they want to win. We just have to match the top 15. After a few losses and a bye, we're working on things individually and what we bring as a team. We really need a team performance this weekend to give us the best chance of winning.

Treinador για PNG Hunters, Stanley Tepend:Losing to the Blackhawks was a real wake-up call for our team. Losing by a wide margin reflected our mental preparation. We just have to be careful in the games and prepare for matches. We know we're a much better team, but playing the way we can is becoming a problem that we need to fix before it's too late. The whole club felt the pain of defeat like this. We have to put this defeat behind us and move on to the next challenge. It is important that he refocuses and performs well in this game. We trained well this week and we have another chance. It is obviously a very good site. Having the NRL experience in the squad will make them stronger...looking forward to another tough game...we will do well in this game after last week.

Deltagelse: WM Seagulls x Hunters

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20 May Full Time Home WM Seagulls 8th 28 away points Team Hunters 10th 24 points Matchcenter

Local:BMD Kougari Oval, Brisbane

team statistics game by game

Burleigh Bears x Western Clydesdales

Head to head:Burleigh 12, Clydesdales 8

Last meeting:Toowoomba Clydesdales 26 mod Burleigh 4 on 17 Rodada 2006


  • This race will be the 250th race of the Clydesdales Cup. He has 146 wins, 6 draws and 97 losses
  • Burleigh have won their last four games and are now top of the Hostplus Cup ladder, while the Clydesdales have lost their last two games
  • Burleigh's 42-6 win over Mackay last week was their biggest ever margin over the Cutters

A few words from the coaches

Burleigh Bears coach Luke Burt:We are very happy with where we are as we approach the middle of the season. But the best thing is that there is still improvement in us. There are areas we are still working on. We didn't get our straps, but we're in a really good position. We are still working on the composition of fouls and penalties. We put pressure on our defensive systems and manage sets with backs that we have to take out of our game. It will hurt us sooner or later. From what I have seen of the Western Clydesdales, they are very competitive and move the ball and like to unload the football. A difficult task awaits us. They are coming off a close loss to the Pride which would give them a lot of confidence.

Western Clydesdales coach Jason Alchin:After last week's loss, it's fair to say we have a lot to learn about ourselves and the only way to learn is to do things wrong. The Pride deserved to win, but to improve and know where we are, we need to learn. The only way to learn is to do the wrong things, and we did some of that over the weekend. They showed us how to play. We just keep going again and again. Hopefully we know what we're getting this week against Burleigh. They are the leaders of the competition and have been there for years. Everyone knows Burleigh. They are a big mobile side, their bench is good and they are well coached. We have to show up and take nothing for granted. We come to play. It's a good team and a good club. Let's improve on the little things we should have done against the Pride and make it a contest against Burleigh.

Partida: Bears x Clydesdales

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20 May Full Time Home Bears Team #1, 40 points Away Team Clydesdales #13, 24 points Match Center

Local:UAA Park, Gold Coast

team statistics game by game

(Video) HostPlus Cup Round 10, 2022 - Magpies v Pride

Central Queensland Capras x Sunshine Coast Falcons

Head to head:Sunshine Coast 14, Central Queensland 11, empate 1

Last meeting:Central Queensland 16 defeated Sunshine Coast 10 in Round 16, 2022


  • After going seven rounds unbeaten, Central Queensland have lost their last two matches
  • Central Queensland's loss to Redcliffe last week was their first in six games at Browne Park
  • Capra whore Trey Brown needs one goal to reach 100 in the Cup

A few words from the coaches

Central Queensland Goats Assistant Coach Dave Faiumu:A better start is key for us this weekend. We started very badly against Redcliffe and our game mentality was not where it should have been. We looked into it and fixed a few things. It's a mindset. When we got it right, we did some good things. You just can't give a side as an advantage. It was a good game in patches, especially in the second half... we went toe-to-toe and got points on the table. I hope the boys can rectify that against the Costa del Sol. Start fast and strong and let the Falcons know they're in a contest. We need to be a bit more dominant in the middle and let our halves do their thing and do what they do. It will be very controversial in the middle of this week. They have a strong attack and we have to respond to that. Guys like Bailey Butler, Val Richard, Zev John, Sam Yegip, Nixon Putt... they really bring it. Lachlan Hubner has been very consistent in his role. Wherever he plays, he's been very consistent for us, which is what we need from Lachy. He had a good pre-season with the Dolphins NRL team and brought it back to the Capras. Hopefully we can put on a good performance for our home fans and get a good result this weekend.

Sunshine Coast Falcons coach Brad Henderson:Last week's bye was timely due to some injuries... we're a bit out of sorts but hopefully we can get some players back in the coming weeks. Our captain Patrice Siolo did his MCL and ACL and is out for ACL surgery for another six weeks. It's a shame for him, but he's thinking about it now. Elsewhere, we hope Louis Geraghty returns from a hamstring problem, but we'll miss Jack Gibbons with a broken thumb and it looks like Kane Jackson, with knee bursitis, will too. Barring our injuries, we have a nine game block ahead of us which will be testing. The most we've done so far this year is four games in a row, but it will be nice to get stuck into some football games. The block starts with the Capras, who have been very strong this year. They kept things very simple and got on the field fairly easily. Bailey Butler has been huge for them and they bring back JJ Collins from the Dolphins. Lachlan Hubner was also huge for them. They have a really strong package and then you add the perks, with the Nixon Putt, which sets them apart for how many years. They are a very well-coached team and they come to their sets, make their shots and turn up the pressure. If we don't do the same, we won't have enough football to beat them. We have to be very good at taking care of these areas.

Game: Goats x Falcons

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20 May Full Time Home Team Capras 5th with 26 points away Team Falcons 3rd with 26 points Match Center

Local:Parque Browne, Rockhampton

Better times last

Redcliffe Dolphins x Mackay Cutters

Head to head:Redcliffe 14, Mackay 9, empate 2

Last meeting:Redcliffe 34 defeated Mackay 32 in Round 11, 2022

(Video) SP PNG Hunters v Wynum Manly Seagulls - Match Highlights, 20.05.2023


  • This is the first Cup match at Suncorp Stadium since the inaugural final in 2021. Redcliffe's last match at Suncorp was the 2018 Cup Grand Final, which they won 36–22 over the Tigers. This is Cutter's first game at Suncorp Stadium
  • Redcliffe have won their last three matches while Mackay have lost their last 11 matches, which is now their worst losing streak
  • Redcliffe winger Braden McGrady scored his 50th cup try last weekend in his 54th game.

A few words from the coaches

Redcliffe Dolphins coach Ben Te'o:We had a very good attitude last week against the Caps. We were well traveled and prepared for all aspects that would be challenging and comprehensive. It just shows us that we are a good football team, but also the attitude is about respect. There are tough teams in this competition and anyone can beat anyone. So that respect leads into this week. We respect the Cutters. They had a tough time, but it will be a challenge for us. They want to go down and play and try to start the season. We will be prepared for what is coming.

Mackay Cutters Trinador Michael Comerford:The first half hour against Burley was very good for both teams to start the game. It was 6-6 for most of the first half. We look very comfortable and composed either side of the break - they grabbed two tries before and one after to make it 22-6 in no time. From there it was difficult. There was a disallowed try and some penalties that put us in a difficult position. We took a bit of confidence from the first 30 minutes but were very disappointed with how it ended. Defensively, we need to be a little stronger on our own mistakes or good play by our opponents. Last week it failed us. We are very good when things go our way. Something went wrong and we reacted badly, which took away any chance of winning the game. We build confidence by putting ourselves in a position to be competitive, but we have to keep doing it week in and week out and be more resilient when things go against us. We have a young forward group so we need some of the leaders, the guys who have been around a while, to step up. Hiale Roycroft is a real presence for us... we need him to lead by example. He and Sean Mullany in the middle set the tone for the rest of the team. We will rely on these two to lead, especially physically.

Del: Dolphins x Cutters

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20 May Full time at home Team Dolphins 7th on 52 points away Team Cutters 15th on 10 points Match Center

Local:Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

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Northern Pride mod Souths Logan Magpies

Head to head:Pride 18, Souths Logan 10

Last meeting:Pride 16 defeated Souths Logan 10 in Round 16 2022


  • Prior to this year, these two teams played at Tully in 2015 and 2022 with one win each.
  • Souths Logan have won their last three games while the Pride have won their last two games
  • Injured Pride captain Chris Ostwald sits out 99 Cup games. He missed last week's win over the Clydesdales and was not named in this week's clash with Souths Logan.
  • Pride stand-in captain Ash Little will celebrate his 50th Cup match this week to mark his appearances for the Tigers and Pride

A few words from the coaches

Northern Pride coach Ty Williams:We were very pleased to leave Toowoomba with the two points last week, considering the journey we had to make to get there. It was a very long day. We left Cairns at 8.30 and didn't play until 5pm. It showed when we got caught on the bounce but we showed some character to get back into the game. This is the Northern Pride way. It's part of our DNA. It's something we talk about a lot. These small stakes are non-negotiable and I expect to see them again this week against Souths Logan. They are doing well. K shaped them well. Its engine room is young, enthusiastic and brings some purpose. Tristan Sailor has been outstanding for them and their young backs (Jack) Smith and (Jordan) Pereira have big numbers. We know that. Jack Campagnolo also does a good job. He is a former Pride player and you can tell he has experience with quite a few NRL teams. We're expecting a great game at Tully, but it's something to look forward to.

Souths Logan manager Karmichael Hunt:For me there are a few lessons from last week's game against Tweed. It's one of the toughest games we've had this year and it's been a split game in terms of how we've handled it. Tweed didn't give us anything cheap, but I don't think we stuck to our game plan in the second half either. For me it's about understanding what our best football looks like and what sustains it. As usual, we expect a tough match against the Pride, especially in their northern territory. We went to Tully's last year and they won. They will also be on a high after a close win over Western Clydesdales. They are number eight in the rankings and have the ability to play very good football. This is also our second trip. In our opening game against Townsville the boys were on the game and the preparation was excellent so make sure our preparation is the same if not better.

Game: Pride x Magpies

Round 10 - Round 10 - Saturday 20th May Full Time Home Pride Team 9th, 12 points away Magpies Team 2nd, 28 points Match Center

Local:Tully Showgrounds, Tully

team statistics game by game

(Video) HostPlus Cup Round 10, 2022 - Dolphins v Jets

Norths Devils x Townsville Blackhawks

Head to head:Norte 6, Townsville 6

Last meeting:Norths 36 defeated Townsville 28 in Round 20 2022


  • Norths have lost their last two games but hold the edge over Townsville, having won the last six meetings between the two teams, including the last four at Bishop Park.
  • Norths have three losses and a draw in their last five home games, while Townsville have seven losses and a draw in their last nine away games.
  • Townsville's 54-4 win over PNG last week was the Hunters' biggest ever margin

A few words from the coaches

Norths Devils coach Dave Elliott:The biggest lesson from our loss to the Tigers was that we have to learn if we continue to hurt with our lapses and seven tackle sets and so on, we make it very difficult for ourselves to come out on top late in the game. . We had 53% completion in the second half. That's the biggest thing. This week we're just trying to keep things simple, which isn't usually up north, but we're hurting ourselves more right now. If we can simplify things, we give ourselves a chance.

Treinador do Townsville Blackhawks, Aaron Payne:The win over PNG was our best game of the season and the scoreboard reflects that. But more importantly, some of the things we've been working on have paid off. We will definitely take away a lot of his confidence. There were many fine signs. I hope this is the catalyst for the rest of our season. From an offensive standpoint, we encouraged our players to play to their strengths. This is something we are discussing and working on this week. Facing Norths now, we want to build on that consistency, especially against a team that will ask a lot more questions defensively. Our offense has been good so we have to continue like that and defensively we have to be good. PNG didn't ask us many questions, but Norths will no doubt ask a lot more. They like to play a very active attack.

Deltagelse: Devils x Blackhawks

Round 10 - Round 10 - Sunday 21 May Full Term Home Team Devils 11th on 26 points away Blackhawks Team 12th on 12 points Match Center

Local:Bishop Park, Brisbane

Better times last

Bye:brisbane tigre

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(Video) HostPlus Cup Round 10, 2022 - Blackhawks v Mackay


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